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Cardiac Monitoring

There are several methods of monitoring available for a variety of indications.

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Pacemaker Follow-up

Transtelephonic Pacemaker Monitoring is the regularly scheduled cardiac monitor for home testing of implanted pacemaker devices. This procedure is preformed in the patient’s home or skilled nursing facility. Scheduled testing is based on implant date, physician recommendation and Medicare guidelines. The wireless telephone test is used for the early diagnosing of device complications and battery usage. The average pacemaker "telephone check" requires only 10 minutes to attain diagnostic results. Medicare, private insurers as well as managed care providers reimburse for this procedure.

Why transtelephonic pacemaker surveillance?

  • Early detection of battery life and or device related issues
  • More cost and time effective than monthly office visits
  • Diagnostic information in between "repro" visits
  • Cost effective saving valuable staff time

4-steps to Pacemaker Follow-up

  1. Check the pacemaker battery status
  2. Check the proper pacemaker functioning (sensing and capture)
  3. Check the patient's overall health status as it relates to their pacemaker
  4. Pulse width measurements taken to determine End of Life of pacemaker
  • Third party reimbursment (your office bills for the professional component (interpretation)
  • Reports available the same day
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We use the Pacetrak Plus Transmitters from Universal Medical, designed with simplicity and reliability in mind. This particular design ensures the device will transmit ECG and data, regardless of which way the patient places the telephone.